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Sponsored by The DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University, you can see the details on almost $1.4 trillion in Florida state and local spending:

FL Local Payrolls

Local Government Payrolls for Counties and Schools
1997-2011 by fiscal year - 4.8 million records, $151 billion in salaries

FL State Payrolls

State of Florida Government Payroll
1995-2010 by calendar year – 2.5 million records, $97 billion in detailed compensation

FL Local Spending

Local Government Taxes, Revenue and Spending 
1993-2010 - 491,000 records, $788 billion in spending

FL State Spending

State of Florida Vendor Payments
(payments to businesses and people)
2005-2011 by fiscal year - 26 million records, $352 billion in spending

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Is university payroll available for public review?
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Can you post tax data on the site?
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